Sunday, July 22, 2012

CRP: Applied

Hey Everyonee!!

So can i go more then 10 months with out applying for a Disney contract unless i'm currently working for Walt Disney World? I guess not! I had many thoughts of re-applying, but i just moved in with my boyfriend and going back to school in the Fall and thought nahh.. i have too much going on here. But after a friend talked me into it and watching a view videos that made me Disney home sick.. i decided what the hell!?
So i applied last Wednesday. It's only been i guess three days and i'm already stir crazy. It's one of the only things on my mind. But if anyone has ever applied, they understand the grueling process it is. It's just a lot, lot, lot of waiting. Like the e-mail i received from Yummy Jobs said it would be 4-8 weeks before they contacted me. I'm guess i'll hear no later then a month.. but who knows.

My boyfriend doesn't seem too impressed that i've applied and potentially leaving him for a year, but if we're meant to be.. we'll make it work. :)
Carolane has re-applied too and she's one of my best friends from my last contract. It would be amazing if we both got in. Just to have that buddy. I'm trying really hard to not plan anything ahead of time though. Like last time i applied i thought it was pretty much a done deal. I was deciding whether i would drive or fly down.. trying to pick the best month and all that crap. This time i'm not going to think about any of it until i get a position. I feel like i stand a good chance this year, as long as i stay calm in the interviews and be myself. Ohh yes, and NOT LIE@! bad timess... anyways..
I'll keep you posted.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

DCL - Applied

Hey Everyonee!!

Long time no talk, eh? Well i had no Disney news, so what can i say?
But.. as of last night i applied for Disney Cruise Line. I started to apply early in the evening, cause it said no resume required and i had to re-do my resume for Disney appropriate/related things.. so i started it and then at the bottom it said send resume.. so i was like ughhh i guess i have to re-do it now.. so i spent a while re-typing and having a lot of technical difficulties with Word.. but finally got it done to find out when you press that button it basically means send/complete.
Anyways, so i did it and felt a scene of nerves while i did it.
I kinda wish i had applied in October when i wanted too, but a month later isn't too bad. I had some free time last night and today.. so i decided to work on my Disney Scrap book. It's coming along quite nicely. I went to Walmart tonight and got 74 copies of pictures. While i'm doing it i'm watching the videos i made during the CRP. It's making me miss it and Edd a lot. =( Remembering all those good times.. but oh well. That's why i applied with DCL, to meet someone else who i can create amazing memories with and have a great time.

So i'll keep in touch with any news i hear. I've heard from other applicants that he's pretty unorganized and you really have to follow up and make that effort to get noticed if you will. So if i don't hear anything by Monday i'm going for a follow up e-mail and i'll send my resume aswell as a cover letter. I'm excited and would LOVE LOVE LOVE to open the Fantasy ship in April!
Fingers Crossed!!!!


Thursday, August 11, 2011

Not at the moment

Hey Everyonee!

Or should i say Kate. hehe.. anyways, so as promised i said i would update you on my status. U did receive an e-mail from Kristen a couple days ago and unfortunately because i went to the last interviews in the Spring i'm not eligible for the Fall Interviews. It's not like they were saying no or anything, but i was a little annoyed. I didn't quite understand why it took them 2 weeks to tell me that. You would think it would be automatic on the YummyJobs website? But oh well. She welcomed me to re-apply in October for the next Spring interviews, but i'm not sure. We will see where my life is going at that time. So until then, please enjoy my other blog. I update it quite often and i have lots of other exciting adventures emerging in the next few months.
Until then,


Saturday, July 30, 2011

Round 3

Hey Everyone!

So yes, i've applied to the Cultural Rep Program yet a third time. I'm really excited and have this feeling that this will be it. I'm kind of keeping it on the down-lo because it's too hard when you tell everyone and then get turned down. So i figure the world doesn't really need to know right now, and just to make it seem like i'm not stupid, no one really reads this blog, so i'm not worried about everyone finding out on here. Like i said, it's not a secret.. so if you find out.. that's awesome. Tell whom every you feel like.. but i'm not going out and telling everyone.
I applied this afternoon, spend a really long time updating my Yummy Jobs Profile and making it look 100% perfect for Kristen. Immediately after i received an e-mail from Yummy Jobs thanking me for applying and that they will be in touch within the next four weeks. It's going to be interesting to see how they do it this time, because usually the Canadian apps are open from July - Oct/Dec but this time it's only July and August. The waiting period shouldn't be as long cause they're hiring for Feb-July 2012.. so say the interviews in Nov.. that's only a few short months to wait. I'm excited, but the thought of doing this all over again makes my stomach turn.
All i can do is try, right?
Well i guess that's all for now. I shall update y'all more when i hear back from Kristen in the next month. Fingers crossed and wish me luck!


Sunday, July 24, 2011

New Blog

p.s - everyone.. i have a new blog, check my profile to find a link. It's a blog of my general day to day adventures. Not quite as exciting as working in WDW, but it works, right?
Maybe Disney in my future yet.. eh??

Monday, March 14, 2011

No Disney =(

Hey Everyonee,

So i promised some results, and unfortunately, i did not make it. I got a rejection letter from Kristen this evening. Kind of upset about it.. and by kind of i mean quite.. but it's all good. I'm taking it as a positive, and honestly.. everything happens for a reason. My plans are now focused on Australia in early 2012 with some of my friends. This will be my last entry until i apply for or do something interesting. If i apply for CRP in Sept, then i will start up my blog again.. or something Disney related, like the Cruise Line or what not.
Anywho, thanks to everyone who's read this... i appreciate it.
My e-mail is .. so if you need to get a hold of me.. just e-mail me. :)

Take Caree


Hey Everyone!!

So the main reason why i wanted to post my un exciting entry the other day was i wanted to show you guys a couple videos i've made over the past 10/11 months since i've been back in Canada.
I'm not sure how well they work, but i'm trying some things.. so just go with me, and let me know if you can/can't see them. (i'm not really the best when it comes to making things look fancy on the computer)





Well that's all i've made. Especially if i get in, i'll have way too much spare time and will be making more from my year at Disney. I've also made the decision to vlog .. only if i get a date. So we shall see!!!
Anywhoo.. i should try and get some sleep.. i know it's only midnight, but i've gots to get up early to meet Kate.
We should be hearing any day now.. and my gut tells me it's this week! I will let you know as soon as possible!
Fingers crossed for me though!

Goodnight world!