Sunday, July 22, 2012

CRP: Applied

Hey Everyonee!!

So can i go more then 10 months with out applying for a Disney contract unless i'm currently working for Walt Disney World? I guess not! I had many thoughts of re-applying, but i just moved in with my boyfriend and going back to school in the Fall and thought nahh.. i have too much going on here. But after a friend talked me into it and watching a view videos that made me Disney home sick.. i decided what the hell!?
So i applied last Wednesday. It's only been i guess three days and i'm already stir crazy. It's one of the only things on my mind. But if anyone has ever applied, they understand the grueling process it is. It's just a lot, lot, lot of waiting. Like the e-mail i received from Yummy Jobs said it would be 4-8 weeks before they contacted me. I'm guess i'll hear no later then a month.. but who knows.

My boyfriend doesn't seem too impressed that i've applied and potentially leaving him for a year, but if we're meant to be.. we'll make it work. :)
Carolane has re-applied too and she's one of my best friends from my last contract. It would be amazing if we both got in. Just to have that buddy. I'm trying really hard to not plan anything ahead of time though. Like last time i applied i thought it was pretty much a done deal. I was deciding whether i would drive or fly down.. trying to pick the best month and all that crap. This time i'm not going to think about any of it until i get a position. I feel like i stand a good chance this year, as long as i stay calm in the interviews and be myself. Ohh yes, and NOT LIE@! bad timess... anyways..
I'll keep you posted.

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